3 Minute Pain-Free Workout

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Sometimes our backs hurts due to weakness in our abdominal wall or tightness in our legs. This quick workout is designed to bring specific attention into those areas. I suggest training with me to know how I teach the alignment of these exercises before attempting it yourself:

10-20x Lunges (each side) – walk your feet about three feet apart and line your front and back leg into perfect 90 degree angles. The back knee never drops below the line of the heel and the front leg stays atop the ankle but never boils over the toes. *Think about lifting your spine up to the ceiling, as opposed to sending the torso forward over the front thigh, as you lunge down and up. Keep a slow rhythm; 4 counts down and 4 counts up.

3x Wall Press – lean against a flat wall, walk your feet 2.5 feet forward and begin to slide your back down. Your hips will drop barely above the knee (never below), you are creating a table top with your thighs. Press your back firmly into the wall by reaching your abdominals to your spine. Push the hands back into the wall and hold, working your way up to 30 seconds.

Tabletop Breathing Рlower yourself onto a mat on your back. Lift your legs, one at a time, up so that the shins parallel the sky (tabletop legs). Let the lower back spread into the mat and feel your abdominals pull deep into your spine. Practice contracting your abdominals in this position. Inhale to relax the abs and exhale to contract them deeply. 10 breaths. Lower the legs back to the mat.

4 Square Stretch – Place the right ankle above the left knee and let the right knee open the hip. Hold for 5 breaths and switch legs. If you need more stretch grab the thigh of the supporting leg towards the chest but keep your hips heavy on the mat.

Cat/Cow – on all 4s, inhale to lift your head and lower the stomach towards the mat, exhale to lower the head and lift your stomach towards the sky. Keep the abdominals engaged throughout and use them to support the spine.

Have a great pain-free day!





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