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Orange Addict

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According to a new study, those who tan in beds (you can probably spot them from their orange coloring) might just be addicted to it. A study found that ‘several parts of the brain that play a role in addiction were activated when the subjects were exposed to UV rays’. Despite all the warnings of ‘do not tan in beds’ over 30 million Americans still do it. That is a much higher number of people than I expected.

Tanning beds were really popular when I was a child. My mother would use them to get a ‘base’ coat before going to say sunny Mexico. She stuck me in them too. I swear I smelled burnt skin and coconuts once the doors closed. I am highly paranoid about melanoma since I am so fair but you should see how dark I get. I am so tanned right now I am unrecognizable. My Sicilian roots show in the summer and the rest of the year I am a ghost.

Anyway, I don’t tan in beds (since the research was conclusive) and here is to hoping that enough sunscreen and protective clothing will shield me from cancer. Back to the subject at hand though, do you really want to look orange?! There are more attractive skin tones than cantaloupe and I am sure there are better addictions. Try yoga or Pilates those are safe addictions. Watch the Jersey Shore to see if you are showing any UV addicting symptoms and if you find yourself only wanting to participate in G.T.L. then seek help immediately.