The Pilates Method, developed nearly a century ago by Joseph Pilates, is an exercise system designed to strengthen and lengthen all muscles of the physique. The Pilates sequence emphasizes movement emanating from the core of the body and challenges opposing muscle groups. Your first session will be the easiest, as the brain is just beginning to map out how to talk to the body. Each session will build upon the previous so expect Pilates to take a lifetime of mastery.

Sessions are rooted in the 6 Principles of Classical Pilates (centering, concentration, control, precision, breath and flow). Nicola Yvette also recognizes that each person is unique, so too should be the personalization of ones health regimen. So, whether it’s Pilates on the apparatus or mat, no one session will be like the next. She specializes in injury rehabilitation, pre/postnatal, and athletic conditioning.

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Thousands of centuries of theory and application have engineered the complete system of Yoga. The ancient practices unify the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. A session combines asana postures for strength and flexibility, emphasizes inner awareness and breathing techniques (pranayama), and eases the mind towards the calm stillness of meditation.

The guidance of Nicola Yvette will help deepen your practice at any level. She is known for her playful alignment-based approach and creative sequencing. She specializes in Vinyasa, restorative, pre/postnatal, somatic and meditation. The studio offers a serene place to practice away from the chaos of the city streets.

All Private Sessions are 55 minutes.

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$ 140

per session
  • 8 pack = $960
  • 16 pack = $1840
  • Classical Pilates on Gratz and Basil studio equipment. Vinyasa, Restorative or Somatic Yoga in a peaceful space.

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At-Home Private

$ 200

per session
  • 10 pack = $1900
  • 20 pack = $3600
  • The most convenient way to fit a session into your busy schedule is at your home or office.

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